CU-TEP listening long dialogue

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CU-TEP day 6 – CU-TEP listening long dialogue
By chulatutor   on 10/10/15

CU-TEP Listening


Day 6 Long Dialogue


In the long dialogue part, you’ll hear a conversation between two people, usually a woman and a man so you can distinguish the voice. The conversation is approximately 8-10 turns. You questions and answers are on the exam papers.

So you should read the questions first. I don’t think you’ll have time to read the answers as well. Read all the questions to get keywords. Listen to the audio and when you heard the keyword, you know that the answer is being talked about. Then read the answers and choose the correct one.

Normally, the questions are in the same order as the conversation does.

If those steps don’t suit you and you know that you have a good short-term memory, you can try another way to approach the exam. I’m talking about listening to the conversation from the beginning to the end first then answer the questions.

The first approach is not going to work if you’re still reading the choices for the first question while the answer for the second question is being talked about and you missed out.

Nevertheless, I suggest you try both approaches and see which one suit you best.

The topic covers everyday conversation so special knowledge or experience are not required. Just answer the questions based on the conversation only.


Example conversation



Woman: Hi! Gary. This is Jane.
Man: Hi! Jane.
Woman: Look, I don’t think I can make it to the class today because I’m having a fever.
Man: Oh dear! How so?
Woman: Maybe because of the rain yesterday. I just need to rest today. Could you please tell Professor Edwards for me that I have to miss his class? And I haven’t print out the report for Miss Flash yet. Do you think she would mind if I email her instead?
Man: Umm I’m not sure because she said that she wants it on papers. I could print it out for you if I were at my room.
Woman: Oh. What should I do? I guess I have to hand it in tomorrow.
Man: Wait. I think my roommate is still at his room. Why don’t you email me your report and I’ll forward it to him so he can print it out. He can bring it to me and I’ll hand it in for you.
Woman: Really? That’s great. Thank you so much. I owe you one.
Man: Don’t worry. Get well soon!

Here are example questions.


1. What’s wrong with Jane?

A. She wakes up late. B. She’s out of town.
C. She is sick. D. She gets caught in the rain.



2. What class does she have today?

A. Professor Edwards’ class. B. Miss Flash’s class.
C. Mr. Miles’ class. D. She has no class.



3. Whom is the report for?

A. Professor Edwards. B. Miss Flash.
C. Mr. Miles. D. Gary.



4. What will Gary do with Jane’s report?

A. He’ll make a copy of it. B. He’ll print it out.
C. He’ll hand it in for Jane. D. He’ll give it back to Jane.


Answer: 1. C. 2. A. 3. B. 4. C.


CU-TEP listening long dialogue

In the long dialogue part, you'll hear a conversation between two people, usually a woman and a man so you can distinguish the voice.
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